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Need information or set up a time to meet? Please call  813-935-7724 or email us at

Lawn Sculptures can do it

We are a a full-service, lawn and landscape company in Tampa bay. With over 30 years of experience, Lawn Sculptures has provided excellent service installing and maintaining lawns near you. We have worked with some of our clients for that entire time. Yes 30 years. Let Lawn Sculptures come out for a free estimate and see if we are the right fit for your needs. 813-935-7724
We are a contact only company providing a service to get the best out of your yard. Depending on the contract you agree to, we will schedule your service every week, No more worrying when people are showing up or not. Scheduled days
Need a new look? Plants getting a little leggy? Let Lawn Sculptures come up with a design that works best with your micro climates. Remember.. Every plant wants to grow,  but to make it easier it should be the right plant for the right place.
Clean Up
Spring cleaning, new house purchase, just need to get start over.  Lawn Sculptures offers leaf removal, clean out flower beds, weed control and can even help with heavy bobcat and tree removal. Call for a Free Estimate.  813-935-7724

Why Choose Lawn Sculptures

  • Dennis J

    Outstanding company! I have been using Lawn Sculptures for just over a year now and the service has been perfect. They show up on schedule (no missed service, etc) and do a complete job every time (mowing, edging, weed-eating, blowing). Definitely not the typical experience I've had with other area lawn services. I've gotten many comments from neighbors and family on how great our lawn looks and am very happy with our choice!
  • Allison P

    I couldn’t be happier with this company. They have done such a great job fixing our yard from a previous company who neglected it for a very long time. Chad came out to do the general assessment. He’s not only personable, but he is honest. I highly recommend this company!

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Scheduled Lawn Serivce

Weekly lawn service


Landscape and design

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Clean up service or new install


Seasonal planting and mulch

Weekly Service
Lawn Sculptures offers weekly lawn service for our customers. The same crew week in and week out provides for better quality and a better price.
Licensed and Insured
For over 30 years Lawn Sculptures has been providing Tampa with Licensed and Insured employees doing work on your property.
The first thing you see when you get home. We can help you choose the right plant for the right area. Need help, let Lawn Sculptures design it for you.
Help Center
Lawn Sculptures understands you may want a garden or pet project in your yard. We can offer information or help to make this go a little easier.

Lawn Service in Tampa

Tampa Lawn Care Service

Lawn Sculptures can schedule a time to meet and go over your property. with Free Estimates, we can schedule a visit and help meet your needs. We want to make sure on every visit your property our service is what you imagined. Contact Us Today